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We are
BFX Limited

Blockchain and cryptocurrency product development experts since August 2013.

Days of Expertise

About BFX

Blockchain Fintech Experts

The expert in Blockchain product development since 2013, with a combined total of over 15 years of development man hours within our software products.

Denver, Colorado

Founded 2013 as a blockchain product research and development lab.

Chicago, Illinois

Early 2014 we've deployed our first rack-mounted server.

Sofia, Bulgaria

By 2017 we made it to Europe though our network forensic R&D operations team.

Belize City, Belize

2019 came and so did BFX-IBC, the Belizean counterpart and licensee controller.

We aim to deliver affordable blockchain software, to influx the launch of new crypto startups and spark the mass adoption effect.

Our Mission BFX Limited

Our Products

Blockchain Product Development

At BFX, we've been involved in blockchain product development for years. Our combined team experience goes well beyond a century.


CEX Centralized Coin Exchange Software. PHP/MySQL


DEX Decentralized Token Exchange Software. NodeJS/MongoDB


OTCEX Centralized OTC Exchange Software. PHP/MySQL


WAAS Wallet As-A Service Software. NodeJS/MongoDB